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Gemini Parents fully comprehend their kids; they plan joint activities with them; and when they need to educate or clarify something more to their children, they will always discover understandable and essential justifications.
Children may not experience a caress since bearers of the wind component employ just the mind in their development and do not link the emotions. The parents have not yet bid goodbye to their young view, which is filled with the delight of new findings, so they are ready to begin each day with a cheerful optimistic attitude. This is analogous to how happy infants see new bright colors, awaiting the delight of owning them.
Gemini-Parents see their offspring as equals to themselves, and they are unconcerned about the age of their children/kids. Gemini’s mother is overflowing with contradicting notions since she can’t focus on one subject for lengthy periods and get to solid conclusions. She gives this asset to the child, violating his privacy; the kid accepts his mother and adopts her standpoint. Gemini serves their kid as an instance of a pleasant and clear perception of the world, as well as a deliberate quest for vital information in the position of the father. Father Gemini is capable of critically evaluating his acts and statements, but he overlooks the emotions that should be shown in the child’s affection.
They are amazed that their children can regard them with such disrespect and deference, despite the fact that they too frequently transgress by neglecting the younger ones.

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