Gemini’s Relationship with Siblings – Times of India

Geminis tend to find comfort in a friend, parent, and a guide in their siblings. They are supportive of their siblings and always look forward to learning something or another from them.
Gemini has a difficult time making judgments and is always switching around between options; at this point, their siblings come to their aid. Geminis are impatient and readily affected by their peers, but their siblings assist them in being cool and composed when making the appropriate decision. They may require constant and consistent advice from their siblings to help them make and keep to decisions. Geminis are hyper-vigilant and like receiving attention and contact from their siblings. They dislike being left alone and desire to be conversed with.
Geminis believe that their sibling’s sharp wit will help them cope with their erratic temperaments. While they’re adept at making snap judgments and changing their views, they’ll need a bit of assistance to steer them through the larger, more substantial changes and options that come with getting older, which is why they like having their siblings around at all stages of their lives. They must be confident in their brother or sister’s affection and support, as well as their ability to seek consolation from them. Geminis, as they grow up become very less expressive towards their siblings and they often get caught up in a whirlwind of the world but the bond of Geminis speaks for itself when hard times come.

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