Gemini’s Relationship with their Grandparents – Times of India

Ganesha says Gemini shares a very good bond with their grandparents but they do not express the same very often. They always look up to their grandparents for important lessons in life. As they have a special place for their grandparents in their hearts, Geminis often expect a lot from them.
With time, Geminis learn to sense a lack of affection and interpret it as a lack of proper care to them, and they begin to rely more on their grandparents. Geminis loses a tight emotional attachment with his father early in life and grows individualistic, yet they strive to comprehend this complex relationship through their grandfather’s relationship. Geminis have looked forward to resolving family conflicts and misbehavior with the help of their grandparents over the years.
A Gemini kid raised with their grandparents will begin to object to their grandmother on a variety of matters at a young age and will engage in a conflict with her. And if this occurs, it will be a huge success because they will become more cautious and self-reliant.
The grandparents have not yet let go of their young view, which is full of the excitement of new findings, thus they greet each day with a cheerful optimistic attitude, which they instil in their Gemini grandson. This is analogous to how a happy toddler extends his hands to encounter a new treasure, expecting the delight of possessing it. Gemini grandparents must make a particular effort to communicate their feelings to their grandkids.

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