Love Horoscope: Five Zodiac signs that tend to lose interest soon

Love is the language of the universe; it guides each component through liberty or despair. Sharing a romantic and emotional connection with someone and dreaming about their life together is a special purpose of life to many. But some take this just as a sport and don’t involve themselves with their partner too deeply. While some see love as the most exciting ingredient of their life, others struggle to hold on.

People are so different when it comes to choosing a partner, establishing a deep emotional connection or dating a new one each passing day. While these are individuals’ takes on their relationship, astrologers are of the opinion that your sun sign may have a say in your love interest and how long it will last.

If you are someone who finds difficulty in sustaining a relationship or someone who loves deeply but gets ditched for no reason, this read may give you an answer to your long-holding queries.

Let us find out the 5 zodiac signs that lose interest quickly as compared to others in a relationship:

GEMINI: Geminis tend to have short attention spans. Probably the reason why they are unable to hold on to their partner for long. Geminis date with their brain, not with their heart, which makes them detached from deep emotional connections. They take life very lightly and don’t like to settle for love. If things get unexciting, they easily move on. But if they ever fall in love, they fall deep. Known for their fickle mindedness, they usually engage in crushes and infatuations but are uncomfortable when things get heavy.

ARIES: Aries tend to view love as a cat-and-mouse chase. They let go of the mouse soon after they catch it. They fall out of love even faster than they fall in. Aries value time and have trouble playing the slow game. Casual dating is their thing.

LIBRA: Love is all romance for Librans. They are huge fans of romantic novels and rom-com movies. Interestingly, they are individuals who love the concept of love more than their lovers. Libra is a fantasy-loving person, if you can’t sweep them with exciting gifts and surprises, they will get bored very quickly.

SAGITTARIUS: You can’t hold a Sagittarius for long! They are like slippery fish. Determined and adventurous, they always look for excitement and are full of enthusiasm. It’s very difficult to keep them entertained in a relationship and match their energy level. If they are uncomfortable in a relationship, they simply walk out as they love to be independent.

AQUARIUS: People with this sunsign tend to be introverts and find it hard to open up. This makes their attempts at relationships particularly tenuous. They seek an extraordinary lifestyle and relationships often fall short in real life. Even though it feels like they have lost interest in you too soon, it takes a little longer for Aquarius to make that decision to leave. But once they leave, it’s goodbye forever!

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