6 Hacks To Avoid The Traffic On Roads

Does your daily commute involve getting stuck in hours of traffic? Well, check out these full-proof hacks to beat heavy congestion on roads!

Be it a metropolitan city or a small town; traffic spares none! Traffic can single-handedly spoil your rejuvenated mood and work schedule. It is no secret that most daily commuters want to switch to trains or metros to skip past the traffic. But you don’t have to do that anymore. The good news is with some simple hacks, you can steer clear of the traffic and be on time, every time! So, are you eager to learn about these life-changing hacks to avoid traffic? 

Traffic Hacks:

Check Out Alternative Routes

It’s time to put your smartphone to good use. Use the maps on your phone to identify at least the two best routes for your commute. Having another route in mind can be your backup if the first one is heavily congested. Also, review both online and offline maps. You can also ask your co-workers or people who share a similar route as yours for real-time updates.


Time Your Travel

Sometimes no matter which route you take, traffic can be unavoidable. For instance, the peak hours between 8.30 to 9.00 am seems to be the heavy congestion. Many people are commuting to their workplaces or universities at that time. Leaving your home a little early can be a great hack to avoid traffic. Starting 10 minutes early could make a radical difference!

Consider Traffic Reports

Before you set out on your journey, we recommend you look at the traffic reports. Tune in to a radio station that offers real-time updates. These traffic reports will help you plan your route and skip past traffic like a pro! The traffic reports also shed light on road accidents and road construction work where traffic might be high.


Keep Track of Live Traffic Updates

You can equip your vehicle with GPS devices that will give you live updates about the traffic conditions. GPS devices can be handy if you commute daily in your vehicle. Even if you beat the congestion in one location, you might not know how the traffic is building up to be in the upcoming route. Thanks to the GPS, real-time updates on traffic conditions have become more accessible.

Use a Two-Wheeler

Two-wheelers are a no-brainer when you want to beat the traffic. You can twist and turn through narrow streets and make your way through the gaps. For instance, there’s congestion on a small street where another four-wheeler is trying to reverse park. Thanks to the bike, you can escape through the small space left while the car is parking!

Avoid Narrow Lanes

Narrow lanes attract unavoidable traffic and congestion. It is because these narrow lanes are not apt for four-wheelers. Several vehicles follow up from both sides, which makes manoeuvring difficult. You might be tempted to take these narrow routes to reach on time. However, you might get stuck in congestion that might seem like it’ll never clear.



Try these hacks to beat the traffic and reach office on time. Do you know any other savvy traffic-beating hacks? Let us know!

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