7 Essential Items To Carry In Your Car During The Monsoon

It’s that time of the year again when the rain gods are generous and we get a chance to replenish our lands and lakes with usable water. The monsoon season is indeed here and so is the lush greenery everywhere. However, it’s also the time when the crumbling infrastructure across most cities begins to show its evident cracks. And you never know when nature’s fury can make things go from bad to worse. With climate change here and thriving, it’s all the more necessary to be prepared for the worst-case scenario when the skies turn grey. And to help you do the same, we’ve chalked up seven essential items we recommend you carry in your car as part of an emergency kit during the monsoon.

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Your smartphone is a newspaper, map, GPS navigation device, phone and so much more, all rolled into one. Make sure it has enough juice to last an emergency

1. Power bank

With our life dependent on electronics, you can never have enough of these. Invest in a large capacity power bank that can charge your devices at least twice. Make it a constant part of your car’s emergency kit and make sure to check the state of charge occasionally.

2. Power bars & Water

Unforeseen circumstances can force you into situations where you can be stuck for longer than expected. It’s better to have a food source as a backup to get you through an average of 24 to 48 hours at a stretch. This is particularly true in remote locations where finding access to food or even accommodation can be a problem. The same is the problem with clean drinking water. So, invest in a reusable water bottle. You can always catch rainwater directly and drink the same in an emergency.

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Make your own toolkit with all the essentials that your vehicle requires. Also, download a digital version of your car’s owner’s manual on your smartphone

3. Multi-purpose toolkit

A portable multi-purpose toolkit takes minimal space in your boot and can be extremely handy when it comes to getting you out of a sticky situation. A couple of wrenches, screwdriver, and spanner, among other essentials, should do the trick. Make sure to also add a set of jumper cables to your toolkit.

4. Change of clothes & towel

Much like food, clothes may seem like a luxury when stuck in the monsoon, especially when you’re drenched. That’s why make sure you have another pair of clothes to change into. Anything made out of a quick-drying material is even better. Alternately, you can also carry a towel that absorbs water off your seats and can quickly dry as well. At the same time, carry a few plastic bags to store the wet items.


Your First aid kit should not only comprise essential items but medicines that you need immediately

5. First-aid Kit & Medication

Always have your all-important medication stored in your emergency kit on a road trip, monsoon notwithstanding. These need to be a part of your first-aid kit and can be replenished from time to time. You never know which one you would need and having immediate access to them will be a life saver.

6. Flashlight

Last, but not least, a flashlight is a necessary addition to your car essentials kit. Whether stuck on the road due to rain or a breakdown, a powerful flashlight will only help make your life easier. At the same time, make sure to carry an extra set of AA batteries that can power the flashlight or other equipment.

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Make sure your jack, spanner, warning triangle and a de-greasing lubricant are all in place before heading out on the road

7. Spares

It’s imperative that you keep a few handy spares of your vehicle to get you out of a sticky situation. Spares like bulbs, fuses, a warning triangle, jack, wheel spanner, industrial rubber gloves and a lubricant that can de-grease, penetrate or remove rust from affected areas in the vehicle.

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