Ford Announces $3.7 Billion Investment In US Production Facilities

The investments would be used to facilitate the production of new models such as the new seventh-gen Mustang and increasing EV production.

The investments will facilitate the production of new models such as the seventh-gen Mustang

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The investments will facilitate the production of new models such as the seventh-gen Mustang

The Ford Motor Company has announced plans for major investments in its US production facilities to the tune of $3.7 billion with plans to increase capacity and jobs. As part of the announcement the company also confirmed that the new seventh-gen Mustang was on the cards with production already demarcated for its facilities in Michigan. The company showcased a teaser for the new Mustang with an image of the iconic pony. A closer look at the image revealed a manual gearbox hidden away in the words accompanying the logo suggesting that the seventh-gen sports car could retain a manual gearbox.


Manual shift pattern hidden in the ‘O’ suggests that the new model will retain a manual gearbox.

“Ford is America’s Number 1 employer of hourly autoworkers, and this investment only deepens our commitment to building great new vehicles – from an all-new Mustang to new EVs – right here in the U.S. in partnership with the UAW,” said Bill Ford, executive chair of Ford. UAW or United Auto Workers is an American labour union.

The company said that the new Mustang and Ranger would be built at the company’s Michigan facilities. The Mustang would roll off the line at Ford’s Flat Rock assembly plant while the Ranger would come out of its plant at Wayne. The company said its Michigan facilities would receive a combined investment of $ 2 billion to create new jobs, increase production of the Ford F 150 Lightning EV to 1,50,000 units annually and roll out the two new models.

Speaking of the new Mustang, the all-new sports coupe is expected to go into production by 2023 with the car already being tested on roads. Recently images leaked online showcasing what is expected to upcoming sportscar revealing an evolutionary design to the exterior along with a cabin with greater focus on tech including digital dials and a prominent central touchscreen. Engine details remains unconfirmed though the new model is reportedly expected to retain the current Mustang’s engines.

Meanwhile, for the Ranger, Ford revealed an all-new generation of the pick-up for global markets late last year. The company’s hint at a new generation Range could point towards a revised model for US markets with a new engine line-up that is more likely to appeal to North American buyers.



Coming to Ford’s other production facilities, the company said it’s Ohio plant would receive a $1.5 billion investment under which a new commercial EV would be developed and rolled out. The firm’s Missouri plant will receive a $95 million investment with a focus on boosting production of the Transit and E-Transit vans.

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