Guide to Car Engine Maintenance

The engine is a very important part of your car and is also called the heart of your car. It is essential to keep the engine in good condition so that it can work efficiently. Regular check-ups and maintenance will keep the engine healthy and you will have a smooth ride.

Tips for Car Engine Maintenance:


  1. Engine Oil Should be Changed at Regular Intervals

The purpose of engine oil is to keep all the parts inside the engine properly lubricated so that friction is minimised and that will reduce any wear and tear in your engine. It also keeps dust particles, sediments etc. away from going into the engine. Engine oil should be checked every month or at regular intervals and it should be changed if required.

  1. Check the Cooling System from Time to Time

We know there is an energy loss at the time of combustion in the form of heat. The car engine is made up of metals and alloys and they do not go well with heat. You must make sure that there is a sufficient amount of coolant in the tank because it is essential for the dissipation of heat. It is also a good thing to shut your car engine if it is overheating.

  1. Search for Leaks

You must take a look at the parking spot where you parked your vehicle and check for any liquid on the ground. In case, there is a fuel leakage you must go to the nearest mechanic and get your car checked. You may also take a look inside the hood and check if you smell something. Take a look for leaks.


  1. Do not Drive on Reserve Fuel

There are sediments present in the petrol that settles at the bottom of the tank. If the car is running for several years then there would be a layer of these sediments that should not get into the engine. If you run your car on low fuel then, these sediments could reach the fuel pump which can cause a great deal of wear to the engine.

  1. Engine Belt

When an engine starts running, the rubber belts keep everything in tune. In case a squealing sound is heard from under the hood then maybe it is time to get them replaced. Even though the belt has lasted for a long time you must still take a look at the belt and check for signs of crack or wear. If the engine belt break when the engine is running then, it could cause severe damage to the components of the engine.


  1. Pay Attention to the Engine Light

The purpose of the engine light is to inform you that your car needs help. If you see the engine light blinking do not ignore it and have an inspection done by a mechanic immediately. It may not be a serious issue but you can only know that if you get it checked.


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