How Often Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

Are you confused about how often should you schedule a car maintenance/service session? Read through this article as we discuss all car servicing frequencies and more.

The misconceptions around car service intervals are growing by the day. If you often wonder, “how often should I service my car?” you’ve come to the right place. This article aims to demystify all doubts about car service intervals. Maintenance can be costly, so you don’t want to be doing it too frequently.

On the other hand, cautiously scheduling service sessions can be ideal for your car and pocket. Whether it is a petrol car, diesel, or hybrid vehicle, servicing is unavoidable. Without further chit-chat, here´s a glimpse into figuring out servicing intervals for your car!

How Often to Service Cars?

First, we need to understand what car servicing entails. During a car servicing session, the mechanic will assess the condition of your car’s filters, brakes, oil, and electronic systems. The assessment will highlight any underlying problems within your vehicle. If they spot any underlying issue, the mechanical will conduct a deep inspection to suggest repairs or replacements.

When it comes to how often you should service your car, well, the answer is, it depends! If your vehicle is still within the warranty period, you should have the car serviced per the manufacturer’s service schedule. Failing to do this will risk the warranty.

On the other hand, old cars can significantly benefit from annual servicing. Servicing regularly should keep the vehicle in good condition for years to come. Additionally, by maintaining a service track record of the vehicle, you’ll also preserve its resale value.


How Much Can a Car Service Cost?

You might also have specific questions about costs involved in car servicing. Typically, it can vary from one service provider to another. In any case, the margin should not be by much. The pricing of a car servicing will also depend on the condition of your car.

As a rough estimate, basic servicing for a full-size SUV or a sedan costs around Rs 8,000 to Rs 12,000. On the other hand, servicing a luxury car can touch between Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000. Repairing a sports can or a luxury car is costly because of these expensive components.

Even though old cars seem to incur more problems, it is also essential to service new cars at regular intervals.


Do Electric or Hybrid Cars Need Servicing?

One question in every electric car owner’s mind is whether their car requires servicing. The answer is that hybrid or electric cars need servicing at regular intervals, just like combustion-engine cars. Even though many components are different, it is essential to have the steering, brakes, suspension, and powertrain checked. Note that servicing costs of electric cars are typically lower than that of a petrol or diesel car.



How you take care of your vehicle and maintain it has a lot to do with how often it needs professional servicing. We hope this guide answered all your doubts about how often to service your vehicle!

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