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Adventure riding enthusiasts in India are waiting for the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 with bated breath for it was the Himalayan 411 that pretty much single-handedly revolutionised the ADV motorcycle market in India. Before the bigger Himalayan hits our market, here’s an example of what a more powerful Himalayan can offer. This particular custom Himalayan 41 claims to make about 34 hp through a 462cc big bore kit.
The customisation was carried out by a YouTuber Motos Cades & Coffee on his 2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan with the intent to do a 1,600+ km ride from Maryland (US) to Prince Edward Island (Canada). While the stock will do this trip with ease, the new specifications should definitely make it a lot more comfy and fun.
The highlight of the modifications made has got to be the 462cc big bore kit from UK-based Hitchcock Motorcycles, which is assisted by a performance camshaft and a straight flow air intake. Other performance upgrades include a K&N air filter, Powertronics ECU, Powertronic FuelX Autotune Pro, PowerRage slip-on exhaust, heavy-duty clutch, and clutch springs.
Royal Enfield Himalayan 462cc should quickly reach cruising speed of 80 miles per hour (129 kph) and stay at it without stressing the engine.

The result of these upgrades has given this Himalayan about an additional 10 hp. At 34 hp, it makes more power than the KTM 250 Adventure and the BMW G 310 GS. An upgrade like this although will not come cheap. The big bore kit in itself would cost about Rs 70,000, before taxes.

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