Multiple Ola Electric Scooter Users Report Front Suspension Breaking, Share Pictures On Twitter

Ola electric scooter is frequently becoming a topic of discussion for issues ranging from scooters catching fire to structural damages in Ola electric two-wheeler. The latest case to have surfaced on social media is regarding a broken front suspension.

A Twitter user shared a picture of his Ola Scooter and claimed that the front suspension broke even when he was driving at low speeds. In the picture, the scooter is seen lying on a grass patch with its front wheel separated from the body.

“The front fork is breaking even in small speed driving and it is a serious and dangerous thing we are facing now,” the user wrote in the caption. The front fork is a structural piece that is attached to the suspension and the front wheel of the scooter. The user added, “We would like to request that we need a replacement or design change on that part and save our life from a road accident due to poor material used.”

Here’s the tweet:

Sharing the picture, the person has also tagged Ola Electric and the CEO of the company, Bhavish Aggarwal. Soon after the tweet went viral, users started sharing anecdotes and pictures of their scooters that went through similar structural damage.

Many have alleged that Ola is using cheap materials to manufacture their scooters in order to make them cost-effective, while some claimed that there is “something fishy” pointing at a conspiracy. A few have suggested that they prefer other manufacturers that are standing neck and neck with Ola in the two-wheeler EV market.

last month, Ola was forced to recall as many as 1,441 scooters on grounds of inspection and diagnosis after complaints of the scooter’s battery catching fire did the rounds on the internet. Amid the tussling image, Ola is also focusing on launching the Ola electric car.

Update – Ola Electric has issued an official statement in response to the incident. Here is what it says:

“Vehicle safety and quality standards are of paramount importance at Ola. Ola today has more than 50,000 scooters on the road. So far, our scooters have travelled over 45 million cumulative km on Indian roads. The recently reported incidents of front fork breakage are due to isolated high-impact accidents. All our scooters undergo rigorous quality and performance assessment across different terrains and riding conditions in India.”

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