Nitin Gadkari inaugurates NHEV’s charging station concept to replace petrol pumps in future – Times of India

In a first, the National Highways for EV (NHEV) inaugurated a miniature concept model of charging stations that will replace traditional fuel pumps in the future. The charging station concept has been developed as a wayside amenities plaza. Union Minister of Road Transport and Highway Nitin Gadkari participated in the unveiling of the miniature model as well. The charging station concept comes as a successor to the EODB initiative which aims at upgrading up to 5,000 km of national highways into E-highways under the NHEV programme.


Earlier, NHEV had conducted an E-highway pilot TECH-trial run between Delhi and Agra, stretching 210 kms. It is now in its concluding phase of technical and commercial trial with electric buses and other long-range EVs travelling between Delhi and Jaipur. This latest addition will add another 278 kms to the pilot mission. Overall, total of 500 km of E-highway across UP, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan have been tested till now.
“Currently electric double decker AC bus cost is coming to Rs. 60 per km, non AC Rs. 39 per kilometre and for normal electric AC bus Rs. 41 per km and diesel bus is costing Rs. 115 per km. If you can bring business class comfort in an electric bus with trolley on economical ticket cost to passengers, it will make public transportation more competent for users”. Nitin Gadkari said at the event.


The miniature charging station concept revealed on September 27, demonstrated the operational challenges and financial comparisons between EV charging stations and traditional fuel pumps. It also emphasised on the need for Public Private Partnership (PPP) that is required to successfully build a nationwide charging infrastructure. NHEV also shed light on key indicators such as set-up, minimal licensing requirements and minimum break-even period of 40 months to promote stakeholder interest.
“The pilot has already covered a 10% stretch between Agra – Delhi – Jaipur in two phases, out of its total 5000 km of highways that India aims to upgrade as E-highways in next 2 years. The NHEV team is slating its plan to install pre-fabricated modules of these station’s electrical and structural infra, soon after commissioning its pilot phase. So that new stations in expansion phase can be speedily installed within 90 days from their allocations.” said National Program Director, Ease of Doing Business – Abhijeet Sinha, also Project Director NHEV at EODB Services.

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