Svitch Launches CSR 762 Electric Bike With Rs 40 Thousand Subsidy, 110Km on Single Charge | Details Inside

New Delhi: Electric bike maker Svitch MotoCorp has finally entered the Indian market. The company has launched its first electric motorcycle CSR 762. Its ex-showroom price is Rs 1.65 lakh. A subsidy of 40 thousand rupees is also available on the bike. The company will also invest Rs 100 crore in CSR 762 project in 2022. The CSR 762 is designed like the Lions of Gujarat. Earlier, this bike was expected to be launched by July-August 2022.Also Read – Electric Jugaad: Fed up of Rising Fuel Prices, Telangana Man Turns His Motorcycle Into a Electric Bike

110Km range on single charge

The Switch CSR 762 electric motorcycle comes with a powerful range. The company claims that after a single charge, this electric motorcycle will be able to run up to 110Km. Its top speed is also 120Km/h. The motorcycle makes 10kW and 56Nm of peak torque. It gets a 3.7 kWh lithium-ion battery which can be swapped. Industry standard CCS (Combined Charging System) battery charger has been used in this. The design of this bike feels like a powerful sports bike. Also Read – KL University Students Develop First-of-Its-Kind Electric Bike With Wireless Charging

Cooling system will be available

The CSR 762 has three standard riding modes. In which there are sports, reverse and parking modes. The motorcycle gets a powerful 3 kW PMS (Permanent Magnet Synchronous) motor along with a central drive system with features like 5-inch TFT color display and a ‘thermosyphon’ cooling system. This helps in reducing overheating. You will get the experience of luxury, style, and stability in CSR 762. Also Read – Xiaomi to unveil electric vehicle on 12 December 2016

The company will open dealerships across the country

At the launch event of the bike, Rajkumar Patel, Switch MotoCorp said, “We are extremely happy to launch the CSR762. The bike has been launched after two years of development and several prototypes. Its design and features are specially designed for the Indian customers. We are now also looking to strengthen our dealership network in India. We have already tied up with more than 15 electric bike dealership showrooms across the country.”

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