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Royal Enfield has hit the nail on the head with the pricing of the Hunter 350. This latest offering from the motorcycle manufacturer captures the essence of the youth combined with a potent 350cc engine. It is also the most affordable offering from Royal Enfield and an attractive proposition for new buyers. If you do plan to buy the bike or have already pulled the trigger, there are some accessories that could prove to be useful in your daily commute. So, here are five useful accessories that you can get for the Royal Enfield Hunter 350.
Silver sump guard – Rs 3,250

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The engine is one of the most crucial components in a motorcycle. Therefore, it makes sense that you ensure it remains in good health and is shielded from harm. A common way of damaging engines is by scraping the underbelly over large speedbreakers or by rogue rocks hitting the underside of the engine as you ride. While the 150mm ground clearance is plenty, you could still be caught by surprise. The silver sump guard is a quick way to ensure that you save your engine from any unfortunate underside attacks.
Black compact engine guard – Rs 3,000

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Another way to protect the engine in case of an unfortunate accident is by installing an engine guard. Royal Enfield provides two engine guards and we think that the compact one is a better pick. If you happen to be involved in a crash or just tip the bike on its side while it is stationary, the engine guard can protect the engine and some other painted surfaces from attaining nasty scars and dents.
Black passenger backrest pad – Rs 1,050

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If you are someone that often has company while riding, this is going to be a must-have accessory. The stock Hunter 350 does not come with any kind of support from the pillion at the back. This can also be problematic if the rider decided to accelerate all of a sudden. There is nothing at the back to stop the pillion from sliding off the seat. Adding a backrest pad will not only make the pillion’s journey more comfortable, but it will also add a bit of safety.
Black passenger backrest mount – Rs 1,750

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The fourth accessory on our list is actually something that you have to get in order to install the backrest pad. The backrest mount is required to secure the pad in place and you will have to get them as a pair should you choose to install the latter. Both the pad and the backrest come in matching black colour for added visual appeal.
Water resistant bike cover – Rs 1,100

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Not all of us have the luxury of owning a sheltered parking space where our beloved two-wheeler can stay safe from the elements outside. Thus, it is a good idea to buy the water resistant bike cover for your shiny, new Hunter 350. The cover will ensure that your bike does not collect dust and dirt while it rests in one place and is not affected by the effects of rain either. Royal Enfield is offering the cover in two colours – black and navy. So, you can choose the colour you prefer.

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