What To Do After A Car Accident

Car accidents are common because the condition of the roads and the infrastructure is very poor. In most accidents, only the vehicle suffers but in some, the driver or the passengers also suffers injuries. People should know what to do when they meet with an accident.

Steps to Follow After A Car Accident:


Stop the Car:

The first thing you must do after you meet a car accident is to stop the car because it is a legal responsibility that one must follow. Do not try to run away from the scene even if it is a minor accident because if you do so, you may face lawful proceedings against you. Additionally, keep yourself calm and try to avoid any type of unreasonable quarrel with the other car driver.

Check if Everyone is Safe:


After that, you should check on the people inside your car if everyone is okay or if anyone is hurt. You should yourself first and then check on others. Try to evaluate the level of injury to the people caught up in the accident. You should also assess if an injury is sustained by a third party.

Get Medical Help:

If someone has sustained minor injuries, then you use the first aid box in the car and give them or yourself first aid. Every car contains a basic first aid that can be used for minor wounds. In case, someone is badly hurt or not responding, then an ambulance should be called straight away. You must also look if you got injured and take medical help for yourself if required.

Inform Your Insurance Company:

You should inform your insurance company after you took care of your or your passenger’s injuries. Make a call to the insurance company from whom you bought your insurance policy so that you can get your claim registered as soon as possible. Give them information in detail about the damages sustained by your vehicle and the third party vehicle as well.

Take Pictures:


You should click pictures of the damages caused to your car and the place so that you can explain it to your insurance company. Take photos of the damages done to the car along with the damages to the third party car and accident spot. You must take pictures from different angles in order to show the damage clearly. A claim would be settled without any difficulty if you take proper pictures of the accident.

Get Your Car Fixed:


Before you proceed with the repairs, a surveyor would be sent by your insurance company who will provide you with an estimated amount of repairs required. Then, you can take your car to an authorized garage of the insurance company so that your car can be repaired. The insurance company would provide you with a towing facility so that your car could reach the service station.

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