Arizona driver crashes into department store, 2 injured: Watch video

An Arizona driver mistakenly hit the accelerator and drove into a department store in Tempe, causing major damage to the interior of the store. The mishap injured two people with minor injuries. Tempe police said the crash occurred last week near Mill and Southern avenues after the driver accidentally accelerated their vehicle instead of hitting the brake pedal, reports a local news agency. CCTV footage shows two people standing in the store where the vehicle crashed into the store. 

Tempe police shared the video on twitter and currently has more than 8,000 views. “Wow check out this close call!! The driver accidentally left the car in drive and tries to put it in park and unintentionally hit the accelerator. Thankfully only minor injuries!” read the tweet. The two men were pushed by the car inside the store and were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. 

A few weeks ago, a similar incident took place where a video went viral of a Tesla Model 3 electric crashing into a convention centre in Columbus, Ohio. However, the electric sedan in the video seems to be flying before it crashes.

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The incident in the video occurred on SR-315, as reported by The Columbus Dispatch. As per the reports, the electric car’s driver failed to apply brakes on the car leading up to the crash. However, there were no injuries in the incident.

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