Bengaluru Ranks Amongst Least Livable Cities; Secures 146 Position On EIU Global Livability Index 2022

Bengaluru: India has multiple metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities with great ways of living, but unfortunately, when compared at the global level, these are not doing so great. The silicon valley of India — Bengaluru, has been ranked amongst the least livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Global Livability Index 2022. One of the fastest-growing cities in India, it did poorly on the global index.Also Read – Who is Sini Shetty, The 21-Year-Old Karnataka Girl Crowned Miss India 2022? – See Stunning Pics

The capital of Karnataka was not alone. Other major Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad were also enlisted in the annual livability index and all of these did not fair well. Also Read – Karnataka Tourist Places: Anegundi Village is Even Older Than Hampi And Has a Ramayana Connection

Global Livability Index

This EIU’s index is released annually after due analysis of living conditions of cities across the globe. This year it took a stock of about 173 cities and for the first time, 5 Indian cities made the list. Earlier only the national capital Delhi and city of dreams, Mumbai were ranked. Also Read – Heavy Rains Lash Coastal Districts Of Karnataka; Orange Alert Till Friday

All Indian cities were ranked at 140 or below in the list. Delhi was placed at 140th position with a  score of 56.5, followed by Mumbai at 141 with 56.2 on score card. Chennai got 55.8 and was at 142.  Ahmedabad secured 143rd position with a score of 55.7 and finally, at the bottom is Bengaluru at 146th position and 54.4 on scorecard. The score is marked out of 100.

How is the index calculated?

  • The analysis is done considering these five broad parameters- education, infrastructure, stability, healthcare, environment and culture.
  • Each parameter has 25 per cent weightage
  • Healthcare and infrastructure have 20 per cent weightage each
  • For education, it is 10 per cent

Why Bengaluru did poorly?

While this city is augmenting progress in terms of start-ups and technology and there are multiple multinationals stationed here, unfortunately, Bengaluru only got a 46.4 out of 100 in the infrastructure section.

Infrastructure is based on – quality of public transportation system, roads, energy provision, telecommunications, quality housing and water. And according to the calculation made by EIU  index, these parameter were not up to the mark in terms of livability condition of a city.

Speaking of other cities on the list, Vienna in Austria is considered as the most livable city as it topped the EIU ranking. It is known for its good infrastructure and stability. Denmark, Copenhagen secured the second place followed by Zurich, Switzerland and Calgary, Canada in the third place. Also, Damascus, Syria is the least livable city as per the rankings.

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