Emirates’ Dubai-Australia Airbus A380 aircraft suffers large hole in fuselage

An unusual incident took place on July 1 when an Emirates Airbus A380 flying from Dubai to Brisbane landed at the Brisbane International airport with a huge hole. It was reported that soon after the flight EK430 took off from Dubai International Airport at 03:11 GST a loud ‘bang’ was heard and the crew suspected a tyre burst.

On approach to Brisbane, the crew on board advised the Air Traffic Control that they suspected a tyre blowout soon after their take off from Dubai international airport. The crew then requested emergency services on stand-by. After over 13.5 hour flight, the aircraft was towed to apron and hole could be seen in the left-hand wing of fuselage, 

Reports suggest that a bolt may have been missing from the aircraft’s nose wheel on landing at Brisbane. The cause of damage is yet to be confirmed. The aircraft remains on the ground after the incident.  

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