Emirates to fly largest passenger plane A380 to India: All you need to know

Passengers travelling from Dubai-Bengaluru will now experience something something interesting as Gulf-based Emirates will be introducing the first ever A380 flights on the Dubai-Bengaluru air route starting October 30, 2022. The UAE’s flag carrier is the operator of the largest fleet of the world’s largest passenger aircraft and will offer all the luxurious facilities and amenities for the passengers, right from private suites to shower and spas. While Airbus-made A380 is no longer manufactured, it’s still in service with multiple air carriers globally, but none of them operate the plane in India currently. Previously, Singapore Airlines operated the A380 on Singapore-Delhi route for a brief time.  

About the Airbus A380 aircraft

The World’s largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 weighs between 510 and 575 tonnes, is 72.7 metre long and 24.1 metre high. Although Airbus has delivered its last A380 to Emirates and will not make the plane going forward, it’s still in use with many airlines, Emirates being the largest of them. The A380 is a gigantic aircraft which has 45 percent more seating space than the Boeing 777, with extra legroom and the largest screens across all cabins.

Emirates A380 fleet

Currently, a total of 118 units of A380 are in the fleet of UAE’s flag carrier and has flown about 1 billion km with over 105 million passengers since 2018. The shortest flight of A380 took place between Dubai and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a distance of 1,700 km. Meanwhile, A380’s longest flight was between Dubai and Auckland, New Zealand at a stretch of 14,193 km. Powered by a GP7200 RR Trent 900 engine, the A380 has a maximum flying range of 8,000 nautical miles (roughly 15,000 km). 

Emirates A380 amenities 

Emirates A380 has got everything covered for its passengers onboard, right from private suites to showers and spas. There are first class cabins, while flat-bed seats are available in the business class with extra room, wireless bluetooth connectivity and custom lighting in economy class. Further, for business class passengers, the A380 has an onboard lounge too.

Emirates A380 cabin

Emirates A380 aircraft interior comes with a finishes sleek cream and bronze look. First class passengers will get Bvlgari toiletries and signature spa products. Further, passengers will get personal mini-bar, ambient lighting, private cinema, vanity table along with a mirror. The seats can easily be converted into a fully flat bed mattress to give passengers a comfort to fly. 

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