Retail Tomato Prices In Major Metros Skyrocket To Rs 77 Per Kg. Check Its Prices In Different Cities

New Delhi: The retail prices of tomato in major metro cities have skyrocketed to Rs 77 per kg on Wednesday except Delhi. The prices have gone up from over a month-ago period due to tight supply of the commodity, according to the government data.Also Read – Bill To Make CM As Chancellor Of State Universities Likely To Be Placed In Bengal Assembly Next Week

Experts believe that the heat waves during March-April in key tomato-growing states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have adversely impacted production and hence pushed up prices across the country. Also Read – Tadap, Tadap, Ke Is Dil Sey…: KK Inspired Gen X, Captured Romance With His Songs

However, the prices of tomato are expected to witness a sharp fall in July, after crops from all the key growing areas enter the market. Also Read – KK Was Performing At College Fest When He Suffered Cardiac Arrest | Video

As per the updates from the department of consumer affairs data, average prices of tomato were in the range of Rs 55 to Rs 60 a kg across key cities.

Moreover, tomato production is expected to decline more than 4% in the 20221-22 crop year (July-June) to 20.3 million tonne (mt) compared to previous year, as per agriculture ministry data.

Check tomato prices in different cities:

Kolkata: As per the data maintained by the consumer affairs ministry, retail price of tomato rose to Rs 77 per kg in Kolkata on June 1 from Rs 25 per kg on April 30.

Mumbai: The retail tomato price in Mumbai went up to Rs 74 per kg on June 1 from Rs 36 per kg on May 1.

Chennai: The retail tomato price in Chennai rose to Rs 62 per kg from Rs 47 per kg in the said period, the data showed.

Delhi: However in Delhi, the retail tomato price were ruling at Rs 39 per kg as against Rs 30 per kg in the said period.

Other cities: The retail prices of tomatoes were ranging more than Rs 100 per kg in four cities — Port Blair, Shillong, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta — on Wednesday.

Why sudden price rise: Retail prices in key producing states — Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharasthra– have shot up significantly and were ruling between Rs 50 and Rs 100 per kg in different cities, as per the data. The traders and experts attributed the rise in retail prices to likely tight supply from key growing states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

The average all India retail price of tomato showed an increase of over 77 per cent to Rs 52.30 per kg on Wednesday from Rs 29.5 per kg in the month-ago period.

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