Truck driver goes to take Rs 1.5 lakh lottery prize, gets Rs 7.5 crore

New Delhi: A US truck driver who first believed his lottery ticket would win him Rs. 1.5 lakh could not believe his good fortune after winning $1 million (about Rs. 7.5 crore) on it. While travelling through Michigan, the 48-year-old Illinois resident purchased the lotto ticket from a petrol station in Mattawan. “As soon as I bought the ticket, I scratched the barcode and scanned it. I thought I had won one of the $2,000 prizes when I got the notice to submit a claim,” he told

He was thrilled to win the lottery, but when he looked again at the ticket, he received the biggest surprise of his life. When he scratched the ticket after getting back into his truck, he exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe it when I realised I’d won $1 million.” After calling the lottery office to confirm the win, the man, who wished to remain unnamed, hung up. Read More:¬†Mark Zuckerberg’s WARNING for Facebook employees: ‘Get ready for intense performance appraisal, else LEAVE’!

He recently received a settlement of $693,000, and he plans to buy a new truck with it. Additionally, the man wanted to save some money for later. Read More:¬†7th Pay Commission: DA hike of 5% expected in July; Here’s how much your salary will increase, check latest update..

However, this is not the first time a story about an unexpected lottery win has appeared online. Earlier this month, a US man mistakenly believed he had won $600 before winning a jackpot worth $585, 949 (Rs 4.5 crore) (Rs 46,000). After seeing the big jackpot amount of $585,949, the North Carolina citizen purchased his $10 50X The Cash Fast Play ticket at a nearby Pembroke Mini Mart (roughly Rs 4.6 crore).

When the man went to the lottery office to pick up his $600 award, he was informed that he had actually won the jackpot. The man reacted to the unexpected jackpot by saying, “There’s no way I actually hit the jackpot,” when he first received the news.

He had plans to purchase a home and a vehicle with the prize money. He also intended to donate a portion of his award to the neighbourhood.

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