Twitter user asks Anand Mahindra ‘How do you manage time?’ he replies

New Delhi: Anand Mahindra, an industrialist, never fails to boost the mood of his 9.3 million Twitter followers. The Chairman of Mahindra provides inspirational remarks and insightful snippets from his life on a regular basis, to which a large number of people respond. 

Mahindra responded to a Twitter user’s inquiry in one of his latest postings, and people couldn’t stop praising his smart words. Read More: SBI Chairman gets a BIG salary hike! Here’s how much money he will get

Vikrant Singh, a Twitter user, asked Mahindra a question about time management. “How do you manage your time? I have not understood till now,” he said. Read More: World Bank slashes India’s GDP growth forecast to 7.5%, warns risk of ‘stagflation’ 

Mahindra responded by saying, “When I look back over the years, I think time has managed me”.


The response has received over 1,200 likes and a slew of comments. Netizens praised the response for its prudence. Many people have commented on how Mahindra’s excellent posts manage to connect with people.

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