Which were the top-selling scooter brands in July 2022? Honda Activa tops the list

If your are planning to buy a scooter, it would be useful to know which brand sold the maximum number of units in recent months. Hindustan Times’ sister publication Live Hindustan has released a list of the three-best selling scooters in the country in July.

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The list is as follows:

(1.) Honda Activa: With a sale of total 231,807 units last month, Honda Activa recorded a rise of 42.25% from the corresponding figures (162,956) during the same period last year. This scooter is available in two variants: 6G STD and 6G DLX at 72,400 and 74,400 respectively (both ex-showroom).

(2.) TVS Jupiter: With a total unit sale of 62,094, TVS Jupiter sold 23,885 more units (a massive 62.5% increase) than it did during July 2021. At present, six models of this scooter are available. These are SMW (at 69,571), Base ( 72,571), ZX ( 76,846), ZX Disc ( 80,646), ZX Smart Connect ( 83,646), and Classic ( 80,316). All the prices are ex-showroom.

(3.) Suzuki Access: Unlike Activa and Jupiter, Suzuki Access witnessed a decline in total units sold in July 2022 (41,440) as against July 2021 (46,985), a fall of 11.80%. Access is available in six models, with a price range between 78,300 and 86,200.

A detailed list is available here.

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