Andharban Trek in Maharashtra Offers Breathtaking Views of Dark Forest – See Pics

Andharban Trek in Maharashtra: Andharban simply means ‘Dark Dense Forest.’ This walk is one of the most invigorating treks in the Sahyadri during the monsoon season. It is the most stunning feature of the Sahyadri range, which links the Tamhini Ghat to the well-known Konkan region. Andharban is a trail that winds through dense undergrowth and offers stunning views of the Devkund waterfall, Plus Valley, and Tamhini Ghat. It is a descending trip that starts at an elevation of around 2,160 feet in the Sahyadri mountains and drops through the valley to reach the backwaters of the Bhira Dam.Also Read – Recreating Dil Chahta Hai! Bombay to Goa – A Quintessential Road Trip Straight From The Bucket List

Trek Location: Pimpri, Tamhini Ghat, Maharashtra
Trek Distance: 13 km trail
Trek Altitude: 2160 feet Also Read – Maharashtra Schools To Reopen As Per Schedule, Confirms Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad | Details Inside

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What makes the Andharban trek in Maharashtra unique?

Andharban Trek, Maharashtra

(Picture Credit: Kaushal Bhardwaj)

Andharban trek is located in Maharashtra’s Pimpri area, around 16 kilometers from the well-known city of Pune. It is ideal for trekkers who want to enjoy the delight of walking deep jungles with breathtaking vistas. Imagine traveling through the jungle’s nature trails, surrounded by the sounds of moving leaves, birds chirping, insects buzzing and gushing waterfalls flowing over the rocks. The Andharban walk is unique in that, unlike most other Sahyadri treks, it is a leisurely descent rather than a grueling ascent till your breath runs out. The journey begins at an elevation of roughly 2100 feet, and you will be descending the valley to reach Bhira dam without encountering any severe rocky areas.

When is the ideal time to trek in Andharban?

Andharban Trek, Maharashtra

(Picture Credit: Alpha Ray/Instagram)

The journey to Andharban is open all year. The finest time to walk in these gorgeous western Ghats is during the monsoons when absolutely desolate mountains turn into lush green fields. Consider doing this hike between June and September, when everything is colorful, fresh, and green. The Andharban forest is a must-see site for all nature enthusiasts, and embarking on an exhilarating Monsoon Trek to the Andharban forest is a lovely experience. The monsoon trekking entails going over lush green hills, soaking in beautiful waterfalls, and watching the tremendous fury of clouds right by you.

Keep the following thing in mind before you begin your trek to Andharban:

Trekkers should set off by 9 AM at the latest, arriving at Patnus by 3- 4 PM, and then driving back to Lonavala before dark.

  • Carry an umbrella and wear long-sleeved clothing.
  • Bring a few snacks and energy bars with you.
  • Bring torches and a Swiss army knife with you.
  • In case of an unforeseen injury, keep a sprain reliever and medicines on hand.
  • Put on a good pair of hiking boots, canvas shoes, and a comfortable backpack.
  • Bring plenty of water with you.
  • Bring a power bank with you.
  • If you’re going on a night hike or camping overnight, bring mosquito repellant.

Andharban trek is one of the most refreshing treks in Maharashtra during Monsoons. What do you think? Let us know.

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