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Guwahati: Gauhati High Court has asked the state government to initiate an inquiry after it raised “grave doubts” while hearing a plea by a contractor seeking an order for payment of balance bills for supply of mosquito nets in BTC area.
Justice Sanjay Kumar Medhi in his order stated, “… the amount involved in this case raises grave doubt and suspicions, more so, when the amount involved is public money paid by the tax payers. It is not at all fathomable to accept that for supply of mosquito nets in three blocks, the price can be Rs 31,50,00,000/-.”
“This court is also of the opinion that public money cannot be allowed to be siphoned off in the manner which prima facie appears from the facts and circumstances of the present case,” the court noted.
The inquiry committee will be constituted by three competent officials from the finance, home and WPT and BC department with involvement of principal secretary of BTC. “The committee shall make an endeavor to complete the inquiry expeditiously and report thereof may be submitted in the registry of this court in a sealed cover, preferably within a period of 2 (two) months,” the court added.
The court also noted, “The learned AG, Assam, has fairly submitted the issue involved is a serious one which may require some enquiry by the competent authority.”
“It is made clear that the functions and jurisdiction of the aforesaid committee would not be restricted to the present case also but would look into all other cases where the demand for paying of so-called pending bills for works done/supplies made in the BTC is Rs10,00,000 and above” and “to facilitate the committee to make the inquiry, the authorities of the BTC namely, principal secretary shall direct that all such claims of Rs 10,00,000 or more be routed through the committee and consequential steps be taken only after report of the committee.”
The contractor, M/S Manaranjan Brahma Enterprise, in its petition stated that the total bill for supply of 4.5 lakh mosquito nets in three development blocks — Dotoma, Kokrajhar and Kochugaon — was for Rs 31,50,00,000 out of which Rs 13,00,00,000 have been paid and there was a remaining balance of Rs 18,50,00,000.
The communication by the additional director-cum-council head of department, WPT and BC department to the contractor, however, does not mention any rate for the mosquito nets.

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