Delhi govt forms volunteer-based committees to take care of 500 tricolours it is installing | Delhi News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said his government has formed volunteers-based committees to look after all the 500 high-mast tricolours that are being installed on flagpoles across the city under its ‘Deshbhakti Budget’.
He added that each Tiranga Samman Samiti must mobilise an army of 1,000 young volunteers and commit themselves to social welfare works.
“Each flag’s condition will be monitored, cared for by respective five-member Tiranga Samman Samiti in Delhi. Tiranga Samman Samiti will report to PWD officials if a flag gets torn, soiled or has any blemish due to dust, storm or pollution,” Kejriwal said at an event organised to address the volunteers of Tiranga Samman Samiti at the Thyagaraj Stadium.
Kejriwal said these committees will mobilise 1,000 volunteers in their area who will work for the service of the country and social welfare.
“These volunteers will be assigned five duties. No one should sleep hungry in their area; no child should be left out of school; medical aid should be ensured to those who are in need; no homeless should be left in streets, and their respective areas should be clean,” Kejriwal said.
He added that so far 200 high-mast flags have been set up at different locations in Delhi and by August 15, all 500 tricolours will be installed.
The Delhi government had last year announced to install 500 tricolours having a height of 115-ft across the city under its ‘Deshbhakti Budget’.

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