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Surat: Rander police registered an offence of extortion against a man who impersonated a cop and took away Rs 2,700 and a mobile phone from a gullible diamond worker. According to police, Rakesh Khorashiya (29) lives in Varachha area and works as a diamond worker.
On Sunday evening, he went to the botanical garden in Rander and was sitting on a parapet outside the garden.
Around 7.30pm, a man approached him, identified himself as Sanjay and said he was a policeman.
He asked Khorashiya why he was sitting there. He then took Khorashiya’s mobile phone and Rs 700 in cash and told him to collect his phone the next day.
Around 10pm, Khorashiya called his own number from his friend’s phone and asked the call receiver to return his phone. The man told him to transfer Rs 1,000 through PhonePe. Khorashiya did this from his friend’s mobile phone. Then the man told him to collect his phone the next day morning.
On Monday, around 10am, Khorashiya reached Morabhagal BRTS bus stand as instructed by the man. There the man again received Rs 1,000 from him through PhonePe but did not return his phone.
Khorashiya approached Rander police on Tuesday and filed a complaint. Police registered an offence of extortion (IPC 384) and conducted further investigation.

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