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CHENNAI: As Ford India‘s Maraimalai Nagar plant reaches its final phase of shutdown, workers have resorted to a strike demanding an increase in compensation. The employees have been on strike since Monday.
More than 2,000 employees are agitating in the factory — half of them on the shop floor and the rest outside.
According to union sources, the workers are demanding a sharp one-time increase in the compensation before they can discuss the final package. Labour department sources said the company was willing to pay 87 days’ wages for every year worked plus an ex-gratia amount which works out to at least Rs 20 lakh (much more for employees who have been working longer). But the workers are demanding 385 days’ wages for every completed year.
“The deputy commissioner of labour was at the Ford factory on Tuesday even as negotiations continued between the management and the union,” said an official source.
“Discussion continued on Wednesday as well.”
If the negotiations breakdown completely, then the labour department will initiate conciliation proceedings in the deputy commissioner’s presence between the management and the union.
Union sources say their first demand is that they get an increment of at least 50-60 days added to the 87 days the management is willing to offer before real discussions can begin on the final payout.
“We want a bigger payout and we want jobs,” said an employee on condition of anonymity.
“The Tata group is buying the Sanand (Gujarat) plant and there was news of Ford investing in EVs in this plant so we want jobs.”
Last year the company announced that it would make its final batch of 40,000 cars before shutting down the factory. Out of that, 36,000 have already been built and shipped.
“Only 4,000 numbers are left to be built so we have to place our demands now,” said the union member. There has been no production so far this week due to the strike.

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