Karnataka: Should contain the truth, not ideology says, Mysuru based novelist SL Bhyrappa | Mysuru News – Times of India

MYSURU : Stopping just short of castigating the Basavaraj Bommai government for the row over revision of textbooks, Mysuru-based novelist SL Bhyrappa, on Thursday, said he is against imposition of any ideology in textbooks. He said textbooks should contain “the truth and not ideology”.
However, citing opposition to Rangayana director Addanda C Cariappa for his stand on Mysuru ruler Tipu Sultan, Bhyrappa said the government should stand its ground.
“Since the director stood his ground, protests died down after a few days,” he said. He said the “same trend has reappeared in another form”. “There is nothing new in these types of controversies,” he said.
He also disapproved of the writers who have asked for their works to be withdrawn from textbooks, adding: “Education minister BC Nagesh’s house came under attack. Someone is behind these youths. ”
He also hit out at Congress, saying it removed him from the NCERT committee formed because he (Bhyrappa) insisted it include only truth.
“It wanted to remove lessons like the destruction of the temple in Kashi by Aurangzeb. I asked them to explain how the idol of Basavanna came to be inside the mosque. I was removed from the committee,” he said.
Prof S Japhet, former vicechancellor of Bengaluru City University said textbooks should be based on facts. “The textbook revision committee, which is embroiled in the illusion of India being a ‘global guru’ and trying to make society believe that ‘the past is great’, is trying hard to portray discrimination in Indian society as a natural phenomenon. The revision committee, through its chairperson Chakrathirtha, is trying to feed the children with emotional silliness of the imagined Hindu nation like the milk mixed with poison. By introducing Basavanna as the reformer of Hinduism, the anti-Vedic truth is obscured,” he said.

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