Karnataka: Successful hybrid newborn heart surgery performed in Mangaluru hospital | Mangaluru News – Times of India

MANGALURU: AJ Hospital and Research Centre has successfully conducted the first hybrid newborn heart surgery, on a two-day old baby girl.
The parents of the two-day old baby were devastated, when they learnt that their baby had a complex heart defect. The baby was referred to AJ Hospital with complaints of bluish discolouration of lips and fingertips, along with poor feeding and lethargy. She was evaluated by Dr Prem Alva, interventional paediatric cardiologist, and found that the baby had low oxygen level of 62%, and was diagnosed to have a large hole in the heart.
The blood supply from the heart to the lungs was 100% blocked. This is a complex heart disease called malaligned ventricular septal defect (VSD) with pulmonary atresia, said Dr Prashanth Marla, medical director of the hospital.
“The baby was admitted to the newborn ICU. She required surgery for blood supply to the lungs. It was decided to do a pinhole procedure, through a blood vessel in the neck of the baby. Senior cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Jayashankar Marla performed an arterial cut down the carotid artery. This is a blood vessel from the heart to the brain. Through this opening, Dr Prema Alva performed a procedure, where a catheter was passed into the baby’s lung blood vessel, and PDA stenting was done. The cardiac anaesthesia during the procedure was administered by Dr Gururaj Tantry and Dr Suhas,” Dr Marla said.
The stent allowed free flow of blood supply to the baby’s lungs, and the oxygen level improved from 62% to 93%, after the procedure. The baby was on a ventilator for 48 hours, and later discharged, five days after the procedure. Dr Shriyan, chief neonatologist, played an important role in the ventilation and management of the critical baby in the newborn ICU. The procedure was done free of cost for the patient, through a government scheme, he added.

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