Nagpur: Leucistic bear with light fur, white patch found in Arvi range | Nagpur News – Times of India

NAGPUR: After Melghat and Bor tiger reserves, a leucistic sloth bear has been reported from Arvi forest range under the Wardha division last month.
Leucism is a recessive condition in which there is a partial loss of pigmentation in an animal, causing white, pale, or patchy colouration of the skin, hair, feathers, or scales but not eyes.
According to sources, the leucistic sloth bear was among three bears recorded in camera traps at a water hole in reserve forest compartment number 141 on May 7, 2020.
“Last month, forest guard SP Sawant sighted the animal. While the coat of two bears was completely black, the bear in the centre was brown in colour, and a portion of its face had a white patch,” said sources.
As reported by TOI, a leucistic bear was recorded on a camera trap on April 3, 2020, in Sipna division of Melghat during the Phase IV enumeration exercise. Similarly, forest guard Manesh Kumar Sajjan had recorded a similar bear on Amgaon Road in New Bor Wildlife Sanctuary on May 19, 2022.
Wildlife veterinarian Dr SS Bawaskar says, “Melanin is the main pigment found in mammals responsible for colour of hair and fur. There are different types of melanin which produce a huge colour range.”

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