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NOIDA: Monsoon or not, sewage from houses floods the two-acre commercial plot near Sorkha village and overflows on to the main road connecting sectors 80 and 112 through the year.
There is no proper drainage system in the area, residents said on Friday. They said they have been complaining to the Noida Authority for the past two years but no action has been taken.
“We have been facing this problem for the past two years. Sewage from houses collects in this plot because there is a lack of a proper drainage system. This makes it difficult for motorists and pedestrians as the dirty water overflows to the main road,” said Ravi Yadav, a resident of Sorkha village that is home to 20,000 families.
Another resident, Suresh Yadav said, “Garbage is also thrown on this empty plot, with the dirty water overflowing on to the main road. Nearly 100m of this road is covered with sewage.”
When asked, an official of the Noida Authority told TOI on Friday that villagers throw cow dung into the drains, which settles down and chokes them. “Every year the authority cleans all the drains in Noida. We have also done a thorough cleaning in Sorkha. But if the villagers don’t stop throwing the dung in the drain, the problem will persist.”
Residents also complained that a portion of the road filled with dirty water adds to traffic congestion in the area. “I use this road daily. It is a shame to see a road congested with dirty water. This is a risk to the health of people living in this area. With monsoon knocking at the door, the drainage problem should be addressed,” said Amit Singh.

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