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NAGPUR: The doors of Freemasons Hall at Masonic Lodge, Civil Lines, will be opened to citizens on Sunday from 10.30am to 2.30pm. An open house is being held for the exploration of the mystique of centuries, the old society of Freemasonry, and its 118-year-old heritage building.
Freemasonry is a worldwide voluntary society of men founded on the principles of moral and spiritual values while promoting and practising friendship, charity, integrity and respect. It is a non-religious, non-political and non-profitable organization, and is practised in over 190 countries. An organized Freemasonry was founded in England and established in India by the British.
Ramesh Bhambhani, one of the freemasons, said, “We work on the philosophy of one supreme being, and we all are its children. The members may come from different backgrounds but here they unite around the same faith. We develop a sense of universal brotherhood and practise benevolence and charity.”
Bhambhani added, “To become a freemason, a person has to be aged above 21 years, be of good conduct, and have strong morals. It is initiated through teachings of moral and good character values, and the knowledge of self and life. We impart lessons on the ways to be true to the society by rituals known as degrees.”
Speaker Sanjay Arora added, “This place is surrounded by misconceptions regarding secret practices and similar questions, so the open house is for the citizens to get answers for all those questions.”
Bhambhani said, “Usually students from the field of architecture and heritage visit this place, but citizens should also come by to understand the organization, its unique system of morality and the differences as compared to other organizations.”
The visitors will be taken to a temple too, where the freemasons conduct certain activities and impart teachings.


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