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AHMEDABAD: After two years of lull on the Navratri scene, enterprising Ahmedabad is back on its feet. Taking a cue from last year, when many private garba events took place in the absence of full-fledged commercial garba nights, this time around brands and corporate houses are cashing in on the branding opportunities the revelry offers.
Meera Ambasana Shah, an Ahmedabad-based event curator, has joined hands with two other players to host one-day garba this Navratri. “We have collaborated with two other brands to host a garba night on Pancham this year. The idea is to invite our friends, acquaintances and people who have supported us over the years. At the same time, the brands associated will also be carrying out their BTL-branding activities,” said Shah.
Ahmedabad-based stock broking firm, Monarch Networth Capital, which never organized garba as a regular affair until last year is holding an event this time.
The managing director of the firm, Vaibhav Shah, said, “Last year, due to Covid-19, we did not get to meet our friends, clients and professional acquaintances and therefore, garba became an opportunity in disguise. This year, we decided to continue with the trend as we have organized an event for our clients, friends and family. The informal setting works as a perfect branding space as well. People can enjoy the festivities and get to network, too.”
Many organizers have been approached for bulk bookings on certain days at their garba events.
Hardik Thakkar, director of a city-based event management firm, said, “Private events began last year, and the momentum has continued this time as well. A lot of companies have inquired about bulk bookings for their employees and clients for certain days. We are in the final stages of negotiation. The demand this time around has remained buoyant.”
Explaining the rationale behind organizing private events, Jaydeep Mehta, president, Event Management Welfare Federation (EMF) Global, said, “Private events are on the rise since 2021 and this time, people have turned it into a good branding and PR opportunity by carrying out on-ground activities along the sidelines. Several clubs, real-estate firms, FMCG companies and hardware firms have organized one night of Navratri this time. In fact, bookings are good all the way till Sharad Purnima this time around.”
With private events gaining traction and several corporates organizing their own garba events, the sponsorship amounts have thinned out. According to event managers, the uncertainty in business coupled with inflation has deterred certain sectors from expanding their budgets despite peak enthusiasm for Navratri this year.
“Sponsorships have shrunk by half as the events are more, especially private one-day events. Moreover, despite heightened enthusiasm among people, the overall interest in sponsorships is muted,” said Mehta.

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