Pramod Sawant blames most crimes on non-verification of tenants | Goa News – Times of India

PANAJI: With a sudden spike in heinous crimes such as rapes, murders and kidnappings reported in Goa over the last few days, chief minister Pramod Sawant held a meeting with top police officials on Friday. Sawant said that most of the crimes involved those who had come from outside the state and in many cases, non-verification of tenants from police was found to be a cause.
“We have verified more than 30,000 tenants in North and South Goa. I want to appeal to people that even if they are employing a maid at home or renting out rooms, to get them verified from the police,” he said. “We need cooperation from people. If people cooperate, it will help us to reduce crimes.”
He said that some of the state laws will also be amended suitably in a bid to reduce crimes in the state.
“We are going to bring in more amendments and reforms in our state laws during the upcoming assembly session. We have also brought in a tenant verification act already, we will push for its implementation,” he said, adding that a system of e-policing will be introduced soon.
“Even for tourists, we will start friendly policing. We are still working on it, on what further changes can be brought in (in policing along the tourist belt). We will shortly start e-policing too, wherein you will be able to submit your complaints online. We are working on the project,” Sawant said.
An awareness drive will also be carried out by the police shortly on the nature of modus operandi of crimes commonly occurring in Goa.
“Our police will also create awareness among the people on how most crimes are occurring. Besides detection, this will help reduce the crime rate,” Sawant said.

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