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LUCKNOW: Orphaned at six, supported by fellow villagers who got him enrolled into a primary school, he finished his BEd and joined a private school, five kilometres from his village. To return the favour, this teacher from UP’s Kannauj, who is now 56, donated his one-acre ancestral land to build a primary school in his village, Nagla Angad, in 2007.
Meet Ramsaran Shakya who took 72 students of his and neighbouring villages along with him to study at the private school where he was a teacher for nine long years. With a meagre salary of Rs 180 in 1991, he supported all of them to ensure nobody in his village is deprived of education.
“The primary school on my land is a heartfelt gratitude towards people who believed in me. The idea to set up a school in my village was to ensure kids do not travel considerable distances to study in schools in neighbouring areas. Many children dropped out of school because of this,” said a teary-eyed Shakya, who has been the school’s headmaster since inception.
Recalling how 117 students (from classes 1-5) were enrolled in this primary school in just two days, Shakya said, “The education officials were searching for a land when a primary school was sanctioned for my village in 2007. I gave half an acre of land. I gave another half-acre land abutting the school for the approach road to the school.”
Shakya’s efforts reaped fruits when his school was converted into an English-medium school in 2018. And today, the enrollments stand at 313, with cent percent attendance. Children have a cheerful environment with brightly coloured walls, many of them painted with slogans highlighting importance of education, letters of the alphabets, numbers etc. The students sit on mats in the classrooms, facing their teacher, who stands in front of a big white board.
Former Kannauj BSA Sangita Singh told TOI, “Ramsaran Ji is an ideal teacher. He has donated his land for sowing the seeds of education. I have visited his school several times and it is the best school in the block. He has struggled all his life and is shaping the lives of children.”
Between 2007 and 2021-22, more than 1,000 students have passed from the school. “Sir (Ramsaran) was not only a teacher but a parent. He shaped the lives of hundreds of students,” said Rajvir Singh, a deputy commandant of CISF in Delhi, who was Ramsaran’s student in this primary school.
“Ever since 2018, when I began teaching here, I noticed the children had this burning desire to learn. Added to that is the enormous encouragement and support the school has received from the villagers. All this because of the devotion of our headmaster,” said Vikramaditya Rajput (45), an assistant teacher at Nagla Angad primary school.
Urmila Devi a 70-year-old resident of Nagla Angad, recollected how he along with another 20 or so children from the village would walk several kilometres to another village to attend school. “After his father’s death, he used to come to us for help. He has been a son to us always. Thankfully, because of him, our children study right here. I am proud of the fact that he taught my children,” she said.

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