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Mangaluru: This monsoon, SOS calls on sighting snakelets in houses and business establishments are keeping snake rescuers in the city on their toes.
The breeding season for snakes varies between species – like their clutch size and reproductive age. The hatching season for snakes is generally in June and hence the chance of encountering baby snakes is higher during the early monsoon. These days, rescuers are getting an average of four calls per day.
Dinesh Kumar, animal caretaker at the Pilikula Zoo said that along with big snakes, he has been receiving several calls after the public are sighting snakelets. Most of the rescued snakes are pythons, Russell’s viper and cobra.
He said he is rescuing at least 3-4 snakelets per day and several calls are from the Vamanjoor area and till Saturday, he has rescued about eight Russell’s viper baby snakes. He also rescued five baby pythons and it is learnt that two were killed by cats in the area. “All the rescued snakes, including baby snakes, are released to their natural habitat. The biggest challenge is to rescue snakes from wells,” Dinesh said.
Tauseef Ahmed, founder of Mr Rescuer, said that since burrows are filled with water, snakes enter homes or buildings looking for a dry place and move out once the rains stop. Rescuers majorly find rat and wolf snakes, but there are instances of rescuers finding common kraits, pit vipers in areas such as Vamanjoor, Neermarga and Kulshekar in addition to cobras and pythons.
“Recently, a pit viper was rescued from the spokes of a child’s bicycle parked outside the house. We also sighted a hump nosed viper. It is common to find snakes in kitchens, in two wheelers or cars. It is important to remain cool and reach out to the nearest rescuer. When compared to Bengaluru, the snake sightings indoors are comparatively less because Mangaluru is still developing and there are a few empty plots left,” Tauseef added.


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