Princess Charlene ‘avoids’ posing with husband Prince Albert: Body language expert

Princess Charlene of Monaco attended the F1 in Monte Carlo with husband Prince Albert on May 29, and according to a body language expert, the princess showed no signs of ‘genuine happiness’ despite insisting that their relationship is going strong.

Charlene, who was down with a mystery ENT illness for months before returning to Monaco in March, attended the F1 in Monte Carlo with Prince Albert on May 29.

It marked the first time that the couple was seen together in public since reports emerged that Charlene was getting paid to appear beside her husband.

Analysing their outing, body language expert Judi James told Femail that Princess Charlene seemed to be avoiding ‘forced tactile poses’ with Albert and showed ‘no genuine happiness’.

“Albert can be seen mirroring these poses with his arm extended at waist level around his wife but her poses seem to be predominated with the drivers,” said James.

She added: “This could be a deliberate decision to help avoid fuelling speculation and scrutiny, with less riding on her poses with the drivers than those with her husband.”

James further said: “It would be totally unfair to expect Charlene, who has clearly been suffering from ill-health, to perform any gruesome ‘togetherness’ poses with her husband purely for the public.”

“A small-steps approach would surely be preferable at a time when she clearly needs support and love rather than being pushed into anything forced.” 

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