90-year-old woman battling cancer meets her favourite musician Daddy Yankee, video delights netizens

Most of us dream of meeting our idols at least once in our lives. And when the universe bestows us with that lucky moment, we jump in joy, hug that person, click selfies and ask for autographs. Just like this video shared online that shows a 90-year-old woman meeting her idol, Daddy Yankee.

The video was posted on Instagram by a user Ivanna. “Dreams do come true,” read a part of the detailed caption posted alongside the video with a folded hand emoticon. “This is my grandma, Mami Flor. Mami Flor is 90 years old, she’s been battling uterine cancer for almost a year now and her biggest dream was meeting Daddy Yankee. She’s loved him for years and his music has been her biggest support during her treatments,” she added further.

The video, a montage of several clips, captures Ivanna’s grandma Mami Flor’s candid moments before she meets her favourite musician Daddy Yankee backstage and enjoys his concert. The granny battling cancer is a huge fan of Daddy Yankee, and meeting the musician was her biggest dream. We are not giving away anything further to let you enjoy the clip.

Watch the video below:

The video was shared four days ago and has raked up more than 7,800 views and several comments.

“God bless you always for that beautiful gift for your grandmother!!” posted an individual. “I said wow,” commented another. “My eyes are leakinggggg,” wrote a third. “God bless her. Prayers for her health,” expressed a fourth. “She’s the cutest!! This is the cutest! and you! You’re the best. I love how she was down for this!” shared a fifth. Have you ever been lucky enough to meet the person you admire or look up to?

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