Adults Scream As Little Boy Yawns On Amusement Park Ride, Viral Video Will Make You LOL.

Viral Video Today: Remember the hilarious episode from Mr. Bean where he goes on a roller coaster but is super unimpressed? It seems like the internet has discovered his little brother. This boy being totally unamused at an amusement park ride is the funniest thing you’ll see today.Also Read – Man Murders English While Translating Mere Pas Ma Hai Dialogue. Watch Hilarious Viral Video

The clip was shared on Instagram by the user ‘cat_x_vibes’ with the following caption: “Kya Jhula Banega Re”. It has received more than 16.1 million views and 2.5 million likes. In the clip, a little boy is sitting on a Columbus ride while the people behind him are screaming as they go up. Meanwhile, the kid is sitting casually with his hand on the side and looking like he’s at the most boring place on Earth. Also Read – Gorilla Lovingly Admires Girl Making His Drawing, Viral Video Wins Hearts Online. Watch

The kid can even be seen yawning but the adults behind him are screaming and enjoying the ride. The kid acted a lot like Rowan Atkinson on the front seat of a roller coaster where he is also yawning and looking at the time. It looks the kid was just tired and the ride was not amusing enough for him. “He wants his money back,” the text over the video said. “Yawning like one of the videos of mr. Bean,” a user pointed out. “Mr. Bean Jr,” another user commented. Also Read – Viral Video: Duck Wearing Gucci Socks Walks Around With Girls At US Beach. Watch



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