African-American man speaks with mother-in-law in Malayalam. Watch

The viral video of the African-American man speaking with his mother-in-law in Malayalam was posted on Instagram.

An African-American man is receiving lots of love on the Internet after a video of him conversing with his mother-in-law in Malayalam was posted online. Since being shared, the video has gone viral and won people’s hearts. Posted on Instagram, the video shows them having a conversation about a traditional dish from Kerala.

Jenova Juliann Pryor posted the video on her Instagram page which shows her husband and her mother. “My hubby @loansigningzel [Denzel A Pryor] is learning Malayalam so well. He’s getting even better than me. LOL. Need to up my game asap. Lol,” she wrote while sharing the video.

The clip opens to show a text that reads, “When my Indian mother speaks Malayalam to my African-American husband and he understands.” The video then shows the elderly woman saying to his son-in-law that his food is ready if he wants to eat it. At first, he takes a bit of time to understand what she is saying but soon he gets it and the video ends with him sporting a huge smile.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted a few days ago and since being shared, it has gone viral. Till now, the clip has accumulated over 3.6 million views and the numbers are quickly increasing. The video has also prompted people to share various comments.

“Damn give this mhan an award,” posted an Instagram user. “Respect to your husband,” commented another. “Nailed it,” expressed a third. “Bro understood the assignment,” wrote a fourth.

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