Anand Ahuja shares video of brother’s reaction to David Blaine’s magic trick

Anand Ahuja took to Instagram to share the video of his brother’s reaction to David Blaine’s magic trick.

Anand Ahuja recently took to Instagram to share an interesting video involving his brother Amit Ahuja and magician David Blaine. The video showcases Amit’s reaction to a magic trick by Blaine. The wonderful clip also showcases Anand Ahuja’s sister-in-law and Sonam Kapoor’s sister producer Rhea Kapoor along with her husband Karan Boolani. There is a chance that the video besides leaving you amused may leave you stunned too.

“No tricks, only magic,” Anand Ahuja wrote while posting the video. He also added the hashtag #TBT, a short form of throwback Thursday. His hashtag indicates that the video was captured a while back.

The video opens to show Ahuja, Boolani and Kapoor standing in front of Blaine. The magician tells Ahuja to think of a card and then cut the deck of cards he is holding in his hand. He says that once he splits the deck into two portions, then the card he is thinking about will pop up. We won’t spoil the fun by giving away everything, so take a look at the video to watch what it shows:

The video has been posted a day ago. Since being shared, it has accumulated nearly 80,000 views and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to post various replies. A few couldn’t stop talking about David Blaine’s talent.

“Hahahaha smooth,” wrote an Instagram user. “OMG!!!!” shared another. “How? How? How?” questioned a third. “We ran into David Blaine in LA at a restaurant and he did this same trick for us! So cool,” recalled a fourth.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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