Anand Mahindra reacts to how Indians in Boston celebrated 76th Independence Day

Billionaire businessman and industrialist Anand Mahindra is quite regular on Twitter and uses the platform to share intriguing posts with his 9.6 million followers. In his recent share, the chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra quoted a video that shows how Indians in Boston celebrated the 76th Independence Day.

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit shared the tweet quoted by Anand Mahindra. “When I started college in Boston in ’73, there was a small Indian population, just one Indian restaurant of any merit & classmates still asked the cliche questions about tigers & snakes in India. So you can understand how delighted I was to see this proud gathering!” wrote Anand Mahindra while quoting the tweet that took him down memory lane.

The video opens to show a group of people, holding Indian flags in their hands, witnessing the unfurling of the Tricolour in the sky. As the video progresses, a plane is seen flying overhead with the flags of the United States and India pasted side by side. The video has impressed netizens, and the flag unfurling event will leave you both proud and elated.

Watch the video quoted by Anand Mahindra below:

The tweet shared by Anand Mahindra a day ago has accumulated over 5,800 likes and several comments from netizens.

“The world has changed from the 1970s drastically… and we Indians are subtly dominating it everywhere,” commented an individual. “I just dropped off my daughter at UC Berkeley for her freshman year. She is born and raised in L.A. How times have changed. Berkeley has tons of Indian restaurants and students now,” shared another. “This is great to start the week, thank you sir for sharing,” wrote a third another. “This is indeed amazing to witness,” posted a fourth with a tricolour emoticon.

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