Baby girl pours milk without spilling it for the first time, surprises herself

As a toddler or an infant, every single day can prove to be a ‘first-time’ experience as there is so much to learn about and discover in the world. And that is exactly what can be seen in this video that has been shared on Instagram and going viral for all the right reasons. This sweet video of a baby girl opens to show how she pours some milk onto her cereal. But the most interesting part of this video is that the toddler gets quite surprised when she pours all of the milk not only in one go but also when she does not end up spilling even a single drop of it. Netizens have found this video absolutely adorable and it has been shared on a page with above 62,000 followers.

The caption that was shared along with this video on Instagram, gives viewers more context to what can be seen happening in it. The caption reads, “Ottie pours her milk into her cereal every morning. We definitely have a few spillages but this morning we didn’t. She was quite rightly surprised and pleased with herself!” There is a good chance that the video will make you go ‘aww’ for sure and you would probably love to congratulate the adorable baby girl on her accomplishment.

Watch the video right here:

Since being uploaded on Instagram on July 30, the video has gotten more than 10.8 million views.

On Instagram, one person notes, “I bet you were also pleased.” “I cannot get over how brilliant Ottie’s gross and fine motor skills are! She is incredible,” another user adds. A third response shares, “Ahh she’s getting so clever! The little chuffed smile is so cute.” It was accompanied by the emoji of a smiling face.

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