Bobcat visits campsite, video goes viral on Reddit. Watch the animal video here

There are several videos of animals all over social media platforms. But what makes only certain animal videos go viral is their absolute cuteness or uniqueness in them. Just like this one video that has been shared on Reddit and shows such a striking cat that netizens have been left watching this video on loop and getting quite surprised at how adorably this rare kind of cat can be seen behaving, not very different from a regular cat.

The video of this bobcat has been shared on the social media networking platform with a caption that reads, “Video of my curious campsite visitor.” The video has been shared on the subReddit named r/cats. It has over 3.7 million dedicated members on it who look forward to regular cat photos and videos that take the Internet by storm.

Watch the video right here:

This video was posted around 16 hours ago and has already received over 3,000 upvotes.

“It is a well-known fact amongst my friends that my most likely cause of death is trying to pet it,” wrote a user on Reddit. To this, the original poster replied, “I wanted to try to pet it so badly!” “One way I can confirm I am a cat person. I would like to say hi. A wolf I would slowly back away,” said a second. “A youngster! It’s going to get big, look at those paws,” pointed out a third.

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