Bride turns drummer at her own wedding. Amazing videos amuse people

The videos showing a bride playing drums at her own wedding was posted on Instagram.

Two videos showcasing a bride playing drums at her own wedding have created a buzz online. Shared on Instagram, the videos show her playing the drums with total gusto. There is a possibility that the videos will leave you both amazed and amused.

Instagram user Lainee Hunter posted the videos on her personal page. She also shared a caption talking about her new found fame. “Alright alright it’s made the grid. Thank you to all who captured this spontaneous moment, @matthewtopper_ who provided the most epic music, @bluehillfarm for allowing this riff raff to celebrate our wedding, and @travisbarker who I’ve admired since I started playing at 12 years old. I still only use my Travis Barker X @zildjiancompany stick bag- red, black, and white checkered,” she wrote.

The video shows her in her wedding attire playing the drums while portraying a beautiful smile. The wedding party is also seen enjoying themselves and dancing to the beats of the drums.

Take a look at the videos here:

Since being posted a few days ago, the post has gathered more than 3,600 likes and counting. The share has also prompted people to post various comments.

“You’re the coolest bride,” posted an Instagram user. “Congratulations!!!! You are INCREDIBLE!!! I love this so much. I’ve watched it 3 times,” expressed another. “This is the best thing ever,” posted a third. “The coolest bride. Ever,” commented a fourth. “Wowwww,” wrote a fifth.

What are your thoughts on the videos?

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