Cat smells cucumber, munches on it within seconds. Watch cute video

If you are a regular on Instagram and are also a cat lover, then you may have already heard of Mauri the cat or come across its page. This cat is known for its love for cucumbers which, according to the official website of Purina UK, is safe for cats to consume in moderation. This video that has recently been shared on the page dedicated to this cat has been going viral for all the right reasons.

A part of the caption that this cat video was shared with on Instagram reads, “Trying to bring peace in the argument if Mauri actually recognises the sound of cucumber being cut or does he only smell it.” And there is a good chance that this video will make you smile as wide as it has been making several other Instagram users who love cats.

The video was shared on Instagram on the page that is dedicated to this cat who simply loves eating cucumbers and is quite famous for doing so. The page named Mauri and Cucumbers, has over 1.3 lakh followers on Instagram who love to see the photos and videos of this cat, up to its day-to-day adventures and definitely munching on some cucumbers on the way.

Watch it here:

After being shared on Instagram on May 21, this adorable cat video has already received more than 72,800 likes. The video has also prompted several people to post comments.

An Instagram user narrates, “My cat liked gorging on boiled eggs and stir fried veggies.” “The realisation when he smells it. It’s like me in the morning with coffee,” reads another comment. A third comment relates, “My cat loves it too.”

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