Cat wants mom but has to ‘settle for’ dad’s lap instead. Watch funny video

If you are someone who has been raising pets along with other people, then you will probably have a fair idea about the fact that these pets most definitely have a favourite. Just like the fact that a particular cat in a video that has recently been shared on Instagram and has been going viral, definitely loves mom more than dad. One gets to see the hilariously fed up expression on part of the cat when it can be seen lounging on its dad’s lap. It becomes clear through a text insert in this video that the cat prefers its mom over its dad when it comes to affection. “Mommy will be right back lil kitty,” the cat video is captioned.

The text insert it begins with reads, “When the only open lap option is dad’s, but you’re desperate.” One understands that the cat could literally be wanting to do anything else other than being on its dad’s lap. The hilarious expression on its face has amused several people and is likely to have the same effect on you as well.

Watch it below:

Posted on July 6, this cat video has over 81,000 views on it so far.

“Mood,” commented an Instagram user. “Why he look mad? Also, pretty cat,” posted another. “Not impressed,” shared a third.

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