Cat’s reaction to girl petting another kitty makes people chuckle. Watch

Cats like to be the centre of attention, always. Whenever their pet parents don’t abide by that rule, the humans get to face the disappointed kitty babies. Just like the scenario captured in this video. The clip shows a cat’s upset reaction to a girl petting and showering another kitty with love. There is a chance that the cute video will not only make you laugh but say “aww” too.

The video is posted with a funny caption imagining the upset cat’s thoughts. “Sure, cuddle with him all you want, I don’t even care…,” it reads. The video opens to show a girl sitting on a couch with a cat on her lap and another kitty sitting beside her. The one that is sitting on the couch is visibly annoyed that the girl is only petting the kitty she is holding.

Take a look at the video to see what else the angry cat does:

The video has been posted a day ago. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated more than 4.1 lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. Alongside, the tweet has gathered nearly 26,000 likes. The share has also prompted people to post various comments.

“So funny, a jealous cat,” posted a Twitter user. “Hahaha, aaawwwwww! My heart breaks for him. Give kitty some lovins!” expressed another. “Too adorable. Lol,” commented a third. “My boy Pocket would sit on his head. Lol,” wrote a fourth.

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