Chhattisgarh Forest Officials Reunite Lost Baby Elephant With Its Herd, Netizens Thank Them | Watch

Viral Video: Elephants are known for their community bond and tight-knit behaviour, who usually move around and travel in herds. Getting separated from one’s herd or getting lost in the wild can be quite distressing for members of the group, especially for elephant calves. One such elephant calf, who is just one-month-old, unfortunately got separated from its herd and was found wandering alone in the fields of Jashpur in Chhattisgarh. Seeing the calf in distress, forest officials came to its rescue and helped it reunite with its herd.Also Read – Viral Video: Accident Victim Carried To Hospital On JCB Machine After Ambulance Gets Late In MP’s Katni | Watch

According to a video clip shared by ANI, the forest officials managed to track down the calf just 15 minutes after receiving information. They first performed a health check on the animal and then reunited it with its herd. “We received information that a month-old elephant cub got separated from the herd. We reached the cub’s location in 15 minutes to rescue him. A health checkup was done and the cub was then reunited with the herd,” Jashpur Divisional Forest Officer Jitendra Upadhyay told ANI.


Twitter user thanked the officers for their timely intervention and hailed their efforts. One user wrote, “This is so good know. Kudos to everyone for helping reunited the little one with its herd.”

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